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Samoan tattoo culture: "the garland will break, the bark will crack, and only tattoos can accompany you for life"

Concept innovation

S&Eve Art Studio Inspired by this culture and combined with Oriental Buddhist elements, promote style aesthetics and push the pursuit of art to a climax

Brand objectives

Tattoo is a beauty that cannot be erased by years. Oriental women awaken from the pursuit of beauty and tell a moving story through a tattoo pattern

The joy of getting tattoos is more effervescent than sea water;
as it expands, it becomes stronger and serves as the manifestation of new narratives.

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Brand Profile

Since everyone in this place is unique and the uniqueness of the fragrances of art is fostered, S&Eve is attempting to highlight personal beauty. Anyone may use art to tastefully decorate their body. Everyone advances in this situation with their individual inventiveness. Merit is seen as the greatest, and each individual is free to customize his or her appearance anyway they like. We have been attempting to grow and present art for years. The idea of the art of living is with enthusiasm for life and art is media, and we are individual innovators. It promotes the idea of sharing and distributing visual art.

Tattooing is the art of embracing a new impact on the body that the individual desires, which is a clear flow regarding the tattooing process and incorporates extremely secret flows. make meaningful as a result, we like to take technology as the brand’s focal value, to boldly employ all sorts of disagreeable but meaningful aspects to produce, and to represent the ambiguous aesthetic value in artworks. S&Eve Art Studio’s creative approach unquestionably follows the old school of tradition while also attempting to advance modern art in detail and design. The combination of these two results in the one-of-a-kind existence of current tattoo art. We are inspired by Western aesthetic thought, find spiritual significance in Eastern Buddhist transformations, combine intrinsic benefits with craft technical history, and regularly renew our tattooing technical level. You deserve the finest because only the best will do. We are committed to encouraging art that enhances the beauty of the world.